Teddy Bear Approach

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Teddy Bear Approach

"The Teddy Bear Approach is Why We have Tanya Lewis On Staff"

The Teddy Bear Approach to cleaning is our promise to you the customer. This page describes the Teddy Bear Cleaning Service approach to cleaning and customer service. Teddy Bear Cleaning service is a start-up cleaning service that was established in 2017 as an LLC. Teddy Bear Cleaning Service provides complete commercial and residential cleaning service throughout Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas. In the short amount of time Teddy Bear Cleaning Service has been in business the company has built up a reputation as an emerging force in the cleaning industry.

The Teddy Bear approach to cleaning is where we believe that customer and employee loyalty are top priorities and we depend on both to excel and create long-lasting bonds. Our clients know that the Teddy Bear approach brings a vibrant new form of service and professionalism to cleaning.

With this dedication to our clients we have developed satisfying, long-term partnerships which often results in enthusiastic recommendations of our professional cleaning services to other local businesses. Visit the services page for a list of what we offer to the public. We have also offer you the option of using All Green cleaning products or traditional cleaning products. Book Teddy Bear Cleaners Now!!!


The Teddy Bear Cleaning service management team are experienced and skilled in a variety of business services. Each member brings their own special talent and skillset to the table. Here is a small bio of each board member. Get to know them well as they will be in charge of sending out the cleaners to your home.

Teddy Bear Cleaners

Take a look at our list of cleaners and pick the ones you will need for your residence or business. Each cleaner brings years of experience to the job. We will only send you out what you ask for and each cleaner is top in their profession. If the cleaner you select is not available we will send an adequate replacement suitable to do an equally great job.