Employee Circle Panel Grid

Cory Banks
I possess a strong teaching and communications background along with a great entrepreneurial mindset. I use my strong skills in sales and innovative marketing.
Luis Reyes
Executive Manager
Luis Reyes is highly motivated and passionate for the success of this company. I take pride in my hard work ethic and I strive to reach the highest levels of standards in our business.
Tim Barry
Vice President
Tim Barry possesses a technical background. With experience in the multimedia area Tim will be working to make sure we have a strong online presence and work towards national expansion. 
Pamela Duncan
Teddy Bear Cleaner
Teddy Bear Cleaner Pamela Duncan is a vibrant outgoing customer service oriented employee. Pamela has been in the cleaning business for years and is a very valuable team member.
Amy Conners
Teddy Bear Cleaner
Amy Conners is a newer Teddy Bear Cleaner. Amy impressed us with her knowlege of the job and since being hired she has done an excellent job at satisfying the customers cleaning needs.
Vicki Cortez
Teddy Bear Cleaner
Teddy Bear Cleaning Service staffs professional cleaners who are thorough in their job. Vicki Cortez  is just that type of cleaner. Skilled in all facets of cleaning, Vicki has worked hard to learn how to clean carpets as well.
Leane Cortez
Teddy Bear Cleaner
Contact Teddy Bear Cleaning Service to schedule a residential or commercial office with Leane Cortez. Leane has been in the cleaning business for years.
Misti Booker
Teddy Bear Cleaner
Misti Booker is a Teddy Bear Cleaner. Misti has been in the busines for some years, and offers experience and wisdom along with good cleaning habits. Book Misti Booker to Clean Your Facilities.
Tanya Lewis
Teddy Bear Cleaner
Tanya Lewis is a Teddy Bear Cleaner. Tanya is available 7 days a week by appointment. Contact Teddy Bear Cleaning Service to schedule a day for Tanya to come clean your facilities.